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The film was released in the United States on June 29, 1988. Akeem has become fed up with this and wishes to do more for himself.Eddie Murphy plays Akeem Joffer, the crown prince of the fictional African nation of Zamunda, who comes to the United States in the hopes of finding a woman he can marry. The final straw comes when his parents, King Jaffe and Queen Aeoleon, present him with an arranged bride-to-be named Imani Izzi, whom he has never met and who has been trained to obey Akeem's every command.Akeem soon falls in love with Lisa, who possesses all the qualities that the prince is looking for in a woman, as first seen by Akeem at a rally where she makes a strong plea to renovate a playground.The rest of the film centers on Akeem's attempts to win Lisa's hand in marriage, which is complicated by Lisa's lazy and obnoxious boyfriend, Darryl Jenks (Eriq La Salle), whose father owns "Soul Glo" (a Jheri curl–like hairstyling aid).It’ll make you feel better for a time, but it won’t save you. In this case, however, we already fell off the cliff.

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I was honored to be within an arm’s length of our nation’s first black president but hurt by the look on Garner’s daughter Erica’s face.

The room was full of the victim’s family members, activists, students, You Tube sensations and journalists, and Erica Garner, like most of us vocal types, didn’t get to say a word to the president about her father and the investigation into his murder.

America’s record is like this: owners against the slaves, North against South, liberals against the conservatives, the cops against the African-Americans, Bloods vs. And do these scenarios continue in Kerry’s healed world?

Crips, the city as opposed to the suburbs, the divide between white collar and blue collar, the intellectual and the factory worker, and on and on. Unless by “healing” we mean take the country back to a place of racism, classism and sexism . I had the pain of sitting through President Obama’s ABC News town hall on race back in July.

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Akeem concocts a plan to travel to the United States to find an intelligent, independent-minded woman he can both love and respect, and who will love Akeem for who he is and not for his wealth and social status as a prince.