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Roman coins archaeological evidence dating

We don't know how the armies of Lucullus, Pompey, and Crassus were paid, perhaps in cistophoric tetradrachms, but Roman currency was evidently not struck in large volumes in this period.Compounding this, relative peace in Italy means that hoards are rare.The hoard as a whole was securely dated by fresh coins from the curule aedile coinage of M. At the end of 60BC, Caesar was elected to the consulship for 59BC signalling a transition to a new force in politics, one that would lead to Empire. The coins of 72-70BC are notable for their rarity and their interesting types.

Experts suspect they may have arrived centuries later via China or Southeast Asia, not as currency but as decoration or treasure.Roman coinage, as in other societies, represented a guaranteed and widely recognised value which permitted an easy exchange of value which in turn drove both commerce and technology development as all classes could work to own coins which could be spent on all manner of goods and services.Even more significantly, large and identical payments could now be easily made which made possible a whole new scale of commercial activity.In Crawford's hoard census, excepting about 15 common issues from the 72-50BC period, well represented in most late hoards, the remaining 50 or so coin issues are represented by 400 coins thinly spread over a dozen hoards, less than one of each coin per hoard.What's more no large hoard ends decisively in the middle of the period.

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Inscriptions on buildings, gravestones, etc may also identify known figures.

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