Alex fong and stephy dating

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Alex fong and stephy dating

One day, Ah Wah was promoting his "Pets Funeral Service" on one of the busy streets in Causeway Bay, and he saw Josephine (Pace Wu) who was his former tutor. Josephine was abandoned by her boyfriend, and Ah Wah was trying to help her to get through her hard times. Soon after, Bo wants to go to Japan to see snow and for a trip. Ah Wah did not want to (it was too expensive) since Bo has a debt to Ah Wah's parents.

Ah Wah suggested to go to Shenzhen, but Bo was too mad. It was at that moment that their once "perfect" love started to fade.

Aside from releasing albums and filming movies, Fong is also one of the hosts of TVB's hit cooking comedy show, Beautiful Cooking, along with Ronald Cheng and Edmond Leung.Fong caught the attention of record executives with his popularity amongst teenage girls and became a singer in 2001.He had been assigned to work with Stephy Tang of former pop-group Cookies/Mini Cookies for the past few years.After trying to develop his career in the mainland, Keung has returned to work in Hong Kong while Bo has stayed in Hong Kong to run a wedding consultancy firm.Bo firmly believes that love is forever and has witnessed over the years numerous sweet stories of love bearing fruits.

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When she was on her job, as a manager in a karaoke place, she met Philip (Philip Ng). Ah Wah was with Josephine, while Bo was with Philip. Each time, he begged the taxi driver about his story, and how Bo will act if there is no taxi.