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The pretty blonde was then sentenced to only seven years probation and three years house arrest.The story took a bizarre twist after John Gillespie, the lead detective in her case, was arrested before the trial in an unrelated prostitution sting, while Tampa Bay Police officers were probed when it was revealed they took graphic nude photos of Lafave while she was in stirrups in a jail cell.A BA plane scheduled to depart from Gibraltar at am was delayed by eight minutes on the runway until Gibraltar air traffic control were certain that the Spanish Military aircraft had left the area.

Today's incident could have ended much worse.'The Spanish aircraft was being controlled by military in the Seville ACC control centre, a UK Government spokesman said.'Shawn loves Debra and he doesn't care about what went on before their relationship. They are engaged but havent settled on a wedding date yet.'They're leaning towards a very small intimate gathering on a beach.' Lafave was reported by the boy's mother and was immediately arrested.But the mother then agreed to a plea bargain after learning the trial would be televised.Lafave - who is now using her maiden name Beasley - was ordered to stay away from children after it was discovered she had been having sex with the boy while she was a teacher at Angelo L. She was charged with two counts of felonies after pleading guilty to having sexual intercourse and oral sex on four different occasions with the boy - one of which was at school.But she served no jail time because the boy's mother did not want him to have to go through the trauma of the trial.

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According to the National Enquirer, Lafave is trying to put her past behind her and move on with her life with Shawn, 36, especially now that she is expecting twins.

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