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It’s possible to leverage this function to return the value of the default PAC variables and functions.With a PAC file configured and containing the below code, visit a website with which you wish to review the returned variable/function values.As of September 2015 the Java Script alert() function no longer generates alerts/logging messages in any of the major web browsers.As such this page exists for historical purposes only and will be removed shortly.When using the IP address location of the PAC file, the browser will attempt to connect to this IP address and will wait until the connection attempt times out.Most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows versions, use the hosts file to translate computer names.The process known as FTP Serv-U Daemon or Domain Name System (DNS) Server belongs to software Microsoft Windows Operating System or Serv-U by Microsoft ( or Cat Soft (Description: is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. The process uses ports to connect to or from a LAN or the Internet.

Note: This article was written at the time when Windows 10 was at Technical Preview build phase.In Internet Explorer, a Java Script alert prompt will appear for each resource requested, while Firefox will store the results in the browser Error Console (see below for further details).See the screenshots at the bottom of this page as an example of the output in both browsers.For example, if you wanted to use the HOSTS file to translate a host name of a computer called “printserver” into the IP address of, you would add this line: If you ping either “printserver” or “scanserver”, you’d get to the same IP address: The HOSTS file can also translate Fully Qualified Domain Names (or FQDNs) of computers, such as ones used on the Internet. The TM-D710GA/GE transceiver's Operation Panel firmware has been updated from Version 1.01 to Version 1.02 as follows.

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