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The early 2000’s were supposed to be big years for Ms.

Norwood with a number of projects lined up but after a tragic car crash in 2006 which killed her mother, Brandy’s reputation was left tarnished.

The two now have three children, and Hart is quite the busy mom!

In 2010 she reunited with her ex-co-star Joey Lawrence, to work on the ABC Family comedy series to play Valerie Malone, the bad girl.

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the show was sadly cancelled, and Hart made a decision to take a step away from acting in order to get married to her rock star husband Mark Wilkerson.

While throughout Hollywood History there have been quite a few overnight success stories, in order to stay relevant in tinsel town one must not only posses true talent, but diversity, and perseverance.

The stars on our list may have ruled the the 90’s but most them are also taking over the box offices and music charts today as iconic actors, actresses, and musicians.

Throw in Dean Sampson to complicate the situation, as when he ... Night Shyamalan claimed to have ghostwritten the script. On the Blu-ray commentary for the film, director Robert Iscove confirms that Shyamalan was brought in after pre-production began as a contributor to the script.

After his story points were added, the final rewrite was then handed back to Fleming so that he could lend the story his unique voice in writing for teenage characters.

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'So before she goes, I make sure she is full of healthy food.' Parenting method: Rachael's comments come shortly after she told Stellar magazine: 'For the first two-and-a-half years of her life Violet didn't know what sugar tasted like, and she still hasn't had lollies,' Rachael told the publication The dance enthusiast doesn't deny her daughter a treat from time to time but prefers to limit her exposure to sugar.'I'm with her and while I don't say no to everything, she understands it's a treat when she has a tiny slice of birthday cake,' Rachael said.