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Marc Sageman, a psychiatrist and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, said that al-Qaeda is now just a "loose label for a movement that seems to target the west. We like to create a mythical entity called [al-Qaeda] in our minds, but that is not the reality we are dealing with." ... and all the true believers [mu'mineen] are brothers. So this place was called 'The Base' ['Al-Qa'idah'], as in a training base, so this name grew and became. We are the children of a nation, and we are an inseparable part of it, and from those public *** which spread from the far east, from the Philippines, to Indonesia, to Malaysia, to India, to Pakistan, reaching Mauritania... Osama bin Laden was the most historically notable emir, or commander, and Senior Operations Chief of al-Qaeda prior to his assassination on May 1, 2011 by US forces.

So the situation isn't like the West portrays it, that there is an 'organization' with a specific name (such as 'al-Qa'idah') and so on. Atiyah Abd al-Rahman was alleged to be second in command prior to his death on August 22, 2011.

The hate preacher, who is said to have inspired terrorist atrocities such as the Charlie Hebdo massacre, could be heard calling for "holy war" on the Sheffield-based radio station on 14 June.

Hanan Dover made the seemingly tongue-in-cheek comments on Facebook next to a story predicting that Islam will surpass Christianity to become the most popular religion in the world by 2070 - along with the hashtag #creepingsharia.Let’s check out some of the hottest and most popular Nigerian women known across the world!Yaya Da Costa A sexy, creative model and famous American actress, Da Costa has a killer body and a naturally intriguing smile that’s seemingly hypnotic to men. she stars in, and while balancing both modeling and acting, Yaya currently seeks to settle down and start a family of her own. She has an incredibly sexy, curvaceous body and has shown she is not afraid to show off her generously sized breasts.Next to the word 'takbir', which an Arabic Islamic term for 'God is the greatest', she included the hashtag: 'creepingsharia'.Ms Dover is the founder of the Mission of Hope charity for Muslims and runs eight psychology practices in Sydney, known as Psych Central. The Australian Federal Police last year alleged she knew of plans by Islamist sympathisers to leave Australia and fight with Islamic State but she had said nothing, the Herald Sun reported in September 2016. The psychologist has a history of attacking secular Muslims in Facebook posts.

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He told the Ofcom dismissed Iman FM's claims that they were unaware of Al-Awlaki's background and hadn't checked the material before broadcast as "not credible".