Backdating attendance allowance

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You can only make a backdated claim for a limited time.

Mother was hitherto in receipt of State Pension and Pension Credit.

Refugees may be allowed, where the Secretary of State thinks it appropriate to claim backdated awards of Income Support, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit to the date of the asylum application. Claims for Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance and Maternity Allowance may be allowed to be backdated if employers delay in notifying the claimants that they had no entitlement to Statutory Sick Pay or Statutory Maternity Pay. Further exceptions may be allowed in such cases or circumstances as may be prescribed. From April 1997, the Conservatives introduced a cut.

6, in clause 72, page 47, leave out lines 14 to 19 and insert— ( ) In this section "contributory benefits", "non-contributory benefits", "income related benefits", "benefit for industrial injuries", and "child benefit" shall have the same meaning as defined in Chapter 4 of the Contributions and Benefits Act 1992.'. 32, in clause 72, page 47, line 18, leave out 'may be prescribed' and insert New clause 2 relates to the backdating of benefit claims where an individual does not make a claim on time.

The Society calls for all parties, including clinicians, drug companies and the Department of Health, to undertake regular reviews and monitoring of medications for people with dementia and for people with dementia and carers to be able to access detailed information about the side-effects and possible benefits of treatments.

Going forward, increases in funding are needed to ensure the development of new treatments.

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If you give care to someone for at least 35 hours a week, you might be eligible for Carer's Allowance.