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Validating data in wpf

If I am entering less then or more then 10 digits I will get a red border around the control as shown in the below figure .

For getting this validation error on the Text box we have to use the code as shown below.

I have a simple UI where I have two fields Name and Mobile Number.

And a view model which binds to this UI contains two properties. As seen in the above code I am validating the Mobile Number field for 10 digits.

The other way by which we can validate the input is by using the validation rules.

We need to follow following steps to validate using validation rules.

But the main key of the whole thing is Command Binding of the Grid.

While there might be some good reason to validate data directly in the UI in some cases I find it a requirement to validate data inside a business object so the validation is done regardless of the way the business object is configured.Built-in support for IData Error Info provides business-object level validation that can be used in combination with validation rules.Unless the Validation Rules collection is cleared, it will always contain an Exception Validation Rule and Data Error Validation Rule.I decided to figure out what's the best way for me to do Text Box validation, which will be enough versatile for different tasks, but also as simple as possible for implementation.I believe a good code must be simple and easy to understand. In that style we defining how our validation will look like.

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family of controls can display an error message(s) when the user enters invalid data in a cell.

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